Packaging Evidence System for Ecommerce

SecurePack360: Stop E-commerce Return Fraud in its Tracks

Protect your profits and ensure customer satisfaction with SecurePack360, the all-in-one solution for recording and managing e-commerce orders and returns.

Minimize Loss from Fraudulent Claims:

  • Video record every parcel packing process, capturing clear evidence of product condition at dispatch.

  • Dispute claims with confidence: Easily access tamper-proof video recordings to resolve disputes quickly and fairly.

  • Reduce return processing costs: Identify genuine cases and streamline return handling for legitimate claims.

Boost Operational Efficiency:

  • Automate order recording: Integrate with your existing e-commerce platform for seamless workflow.

  • Track returns effortlessly: Monitor return status and manage the entire process from initiation to resolution.

  • Improve customer service: Provide transparency and build trust with customers by offering video proof of order fulfillment.

SecurePack360 is the ultimate weapon in your fight against
e-commerce return fraud:

  • Increase
    profitability: Recover losses from fraudulent claims and
    optimize return management processes.

  • Enhance
    customer satisfaction: Build trust and transparency with video
    evidence of order fulfillment.

  • Save time
    and resources: Automate tasks and simplify return handling.

Don’t let
return fraud eat into your profits. Secure your business with
SecurePack360 today!

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Plans and Subscription Cost


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Ideal Plan for Medium Stores Growing Business



Ideal Plan for Big Stores Establish Business