Secure Pack360 :

Expertise in Secure Packing.

Industrial Automation :

Streamlining with Expertise.

Industrial Automation

Mahindra-Approved Industrial Automation by SmartX Brains: Quality Guaranteed Revolutionize your manufacturing with SmartX Brains’ cutting-edge automation, trusted by Mahindra. Implement a robust Poka-Yoke system to eliminate defects, streamline production, and ensure unmatched product quality. Real-time quality checks seamlessly pass compliant products & flag errors. Increase efficiency, reduce waste, and boost profits with SmartX Brains’ 10-year expertise in industrial automation. Join the revolution today!

Secure Pack360

Stop Ecommerce Fraud & Disputes with SmartX Brains: Video Proof for Every Order Struggling with fake claims on Amazon, Meesho& other Indian marketplaces? SmartX Brains offers a revolutionary video recording system! Capture tamper-proof video evidence for orders & returns, settle disputes instantly, save costs, & boost trust. 100% secure, platform-agnostic, and easy to use. Eliminate fraud, protect your business, and thrive with SmartX Brains’ 10 years of expertise.

3rd Party Inspection

Most companies consider third party inspections a well-justified expense. They are performed by companies with a strong expertise, working on the ground every day. They provide a neutral opinion on the goods quality and allow to keep a close eye on quality consistency on site without having to be there.

This way, the buyers are fully aware even at distance, of the manufacturing process, and can build a confident relationship with the supplier. Moreover, despite coming at a cost, TPIs end up saving you money by helping avoid expensive errors or employing an in-house QC team.

Poka Yoke System

In order to avail the advantages of “ASSURED QUALITY” over conventional “CONTROLLED QUALITY”, we provide fool-proof designed Poka-Yoke systems for your Process, Assembly and for individual components as well. At parts assembly stations, where parts are assembled, it is almost inevitable that mistakes will occur. When assemblies are more complex and their Ingredient components varies largely, the problem of picking mistakes increase. With SmartX cutting edge technology, such potential mistakes can be easily eliminated, resulting into waste reduction, assured quality and productivity boosting. For e.g., with complete fool-proofing means, we integrate Labelling solution so that final label will be printed only for OK part.
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