Ecommerce fraud prevention helps businesses protect themselves from fraudulent orders, chargebacks, and returns. It uses various techniques, including video recording, to verify order accuracy and prevent fraudulent claims.

Our system detects various types of fraud, including fake claims, return fraud, product tampering, and unauthorized account activity.

Sellers capture tamper-proof video evidence at key stages of order fulfillment, showcasing packaging, product condition, and serial numbers. This creates an indisputable record for dispute resolution.

Yes, our system uses blockchain technology and digital signatures to ensure video evidence remains unaltered and provides a legally admissible record.

We provide dispute management tools to help settle disputes quickly and efficiently using the tamper-proof video evidence. In most cases, clear video proof resolves disputes in favor of the seller.

We offer flexible pricing plans based on your business needs and transaction volume. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Yes, our system is fully compliant with GDPR regulations and ensures data privacy and security.

Reduce chargebacks, fraudulent returns, and operational costs associated with investigating false claims. Our system helps recoup losses and streamline dispute resolution.

Video evidence fosters transparency and builds trust with genuine customers. Disputes are resolved fairly and quickly, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Chargebacks often result from disputed claims. Our system provides concrete evidence to defend against fraudulent claims, significantly reducing chargebacks.

Yes, our system integrates seamlessly with major ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and Meesho.

Our system is designed for user-friendliness. We offer comprehensive training and support to ensure smooth implementation and use.

Absolutely! We provide dedicated training resources and a responsive support team to assist you throughout your journey.

Yes, our system adapts to capture video evidence regardless of the ordering platform, including mobile apps.

Our system prompts re-recordings if clarity is insufficient. If quality remains an issue, support representatives can assist in evaluating the evidence.

Yes, our system utilizes AI-powered algorithms to analyze order patterns and identify potential fraud based on various risk factors.

Yes, we offer customization options to tailor the recording process to your specific products, packaging, and workflow.

You can choose your preferred storage duration based on compliance requirements and business needs. We offer secure and easily accessible storage solutions

Only authorized users with your permission can access the recordings. We ensure strict data security protocols and access controls.

Poka-Yoke, meaning “mistake-proofing,” automates quality checks to prevent defects during production. Our system uses sensors, cameras, and AI to ensure product quality in real-time.

Our system identifies and flags defects early in the production process, minimizing rejects and ensuring consistent quality standards.

Our system can detect various defects depending on your specific needs, including size variations, surface imperfections, missing

Poka-Yoke, meaning “mistake-proofing,” automates quality checks to prevent defects during production using sensors, cameras, and AI for real-time quality assurance.

Our system identifies and flags defects early in the production process, minimizing rejects and ensuring consistent quality standards.

Our system detects various defects depending on your specific needs, including size variations, surface imperfections, missing components, incorrect labeling, and assembly errors.

Sensors and cameras continuously monitor production, and AI algorithms analyze data to identify potential defects in real-time, allowing immediate corrective action.

Yes, our system is adaptable and can integrate with various existing equipment through industry-standard protocols.

We offer flexible pricing plans based on your production line complexity, the number of inspection points, and desired features. Contact us for a personalized quote.

 By identifying defects early, you can prevent them from entering the production line, minimizing wasted materials and production costs.
Reduced downtime due to defect detection and faster defect resolution contribute to smoother production flow and increased efficiency.
Our system can be configured to meet specific quality standards and regulations relevant to your industry.
Yes, our system provides comprehensive data on defects, trends, and production performance, enabling data-driven quality improvement decisions.
Our system is designed for user-friendliness. We offer installation, training, and ongoing support to ensure smooth implementation and use.
Yes, we offer tailored solutions based on your unique product characteristics and production line setup.
 We provide comprehensive training materials and on-site training sessions to ensure your operators are comfortable using the system effectively.
he system alerts operators, and depending on the severity, automatic or manual intervention may be required. We offer guidance for defect resolution procedures.
Our system can integrate with various QMS platforms to streamline data management and reporting.
We offer dedicated technical support to address any issues and ensure optimal system performance.
We inspect a wide range of products, including agricultural goods, textiles, machinery, electronics, chemicals, and more.
We adhere to various national and international standards, including BIS, ISO, and industry-specific regulations relevant to your products.

Yes, we offer pre-shipment, during production, and final inspections, tailoring the level to your specific needs.

We offer electronic and paper reports in various formats as per your preference.

We provide detailed reports with corrective action recommendations and work with you to resolve issues efficiently.

Yes, we have a team of qualified inspectors strategically located throughout the state for swift and convenient inspections.

Reports are typically delivered within 24-48 hours after inspection completion, depending on the complexity.

Absolutely! We understand the needs of SMBs and offer flexible and cost-effective inspection solutions.

Yes, our team has extensive experience navigating customs procedures and ensuring import compliance.

We have established partnerships with reliable logistics providers and can connect you with suitable options based on your requirements.