wheather station using iot project paper IOT Based Smart Weather Station Using Raspberry-PI3, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


An automated weather station is a device that is used to measure and record the known parameters of atmosphere without involvement of humans. The weather conditions are required to be monitored to maintain the healthy growth in crops and to ensure the safe working environment in industries, etc. Due to technological growth, the process of reading the environmental parameters became easier compared to the past days. The sensors are the miniaturized electronic devices used to measure the physical and environmental parameters. By using the sensors for monitoring the weather conditions, the results will be accurate and the entire system will be faster and less power consuming. The system proposed in this paper describes the implemented flow of the weather monitoring station(Susmitha and Bala 2014). It includes the wireless communication technology IEEE 802.11 b/g (Wi-Fi) for communication. The system monitors the weather situations and updates the information to the web page. The reason behind sending the data to the web page is to maintain the weather conditions of a particular place can be known anywhere in the world. The system consists of wind velocity and wind direction, rain gauge, temperature and Humidity sensor, and light dependent resistor. All these sensors measures the corresponding weather parameters. The system is intended to use in large residential buildings and manufacturing industries.

Block Diagram:-

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