Vehicular pollution monitoring using IoT


The quality of air in all over world degradingusing large amount of vehicles[e.g.motor, buses, cars etc.]Dueto air pollution from vehicle pollution increases rapidly whichcauses diseases and trigger, asthma attacks, cancer etc. Somonitoring and controlling air quality is most important forhealthy life. So we have designed a system which monitorsvehicle’s pollution. For that we are using IoT technique.IoT(Internet of Things) is an emerging technology in IT andEmbedded system. We have used our system in vehicles. Whena pollution gets detected system warns to Regional transportoffice(RTO). By using mailing technique with vehicle’s ownerdetails and location send to givenmail address which is uniquefor every vehicle and senders mail address is based on vehiclenumber plate.

Key Words: IoT , Raspberry Pi 3 , Arduino , GPS , Gas sensor,Temperature sensor, Mail etc