Vehicle Security Systems using Face Recognition based on Internet of Things, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Nowadays, the automobile sector is one of the hottest applications, where vehicles can be intelligent by using IoT technology. But unfortunately, these vehicles suf-fer from many crimes. Hence it has become a big challenge for the IoT to avoid such these crimes from professional thieves. This paper presents a proposal for the develop-ment of a vehicle guard and alarm system using biometric authentication based on IoT technology. Whereas, for ve-hicle security issues; the proposed system VSS − IoT gives only full access for authorized vehicle’s driver based on the interface of a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ development board, Pi camera, PIR sensor, and smart-phone. Therefore, if the proposed system detects an unauthorized person in-side the vehicle, then the system will notify and send his image to vehicle’s owner and/or to a police workstation through the Internet, as well as, its location in case the ve-hicle is stolen or damaged. The proposed system is tested on two datasets that are ORL dataset and our dataset. The experimental results of the VSS − IoT showed that the ac- curacy is 98.2% on ORL dataset, whereas 99.6% when ap-plied on our dataset. Besides, the VSS − IoT enhances the sensitivity to 97.7% which is important for real-time. As well as the result demonstrated that the proposed system took shorter time 0.152 sec under different illumination conditions, when the value of the threshold is 3 * 103 and 3.50*103 . Therefore, the VSS − IoT is very robust and reli-able for face recognition when deployed on the low-power processor.

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