Transformer monitor using iot Transformer Monitoring and Control Using Iot, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Distribution Transformers Is One Of The Most Important Element Of Electrical Power System. Transformer Is A Device Which Is Continuously Working In Order To Improve The Efficiency Of The Transmission System. The Present Paper Proposes Continuous Online Monitoring Of  Distribution Transformer Using IOT(Internet Of Things). The Internet Of Things Connects The Unconnected Things. Previously The Things That Weren’t Accessible Have Been Made Accessible Because Of It. The Transformer Is Subjected To Various Faults Such As Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Increase In Temperature, Oil-Level, Humidity Etc. All These Faults Are Persistently Monitored Throughout By The Arduino Which Regularly Sends The Health Information Of The Transformer Via The Wifi Module. This Data Can Be Accessed From Anywhere In The World By A Android Application. So The Maintainence Of The Distribution Transformer Can Be Successfully Implemented By The Use Of This Project Ideology

Block Diagram:-

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