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Press tools are used to produce a particular component in large quantity, out of sheet metals where particular component achieved depends upon press tool construction and its configuration. The different types of press tool constructions leads to different operations namely blanking, bending, piercing, forming, drawing, cutting off, parting off, embossing, coining, notching, shaving, lancing, dinking, perforating, trimming, curling etc. Generally metals having thickness less than 6mm is considered as strip. Metals having thickness greater than 6mm is considered as plate. In Piercing and notching the required shape periphery is cut in the work piece material. The press tool used is for Piercing operation is called as Piercing tool .The application of press operations are widely used in many industries like food processing, packing, defense, textile, automobile, aircraft and many apart from manufacturing industry. In this connection an attempt is made on to learn the press tool design, materials, manufacturing used for press tool and calculations involved in it. In this work, a real time design of a simple piercing press tool and manufacturing of a prototype is made along with static analysis of punch where the output is a Pierce hole and notch hole. The press machine is of mechanical type of 200ton. Here the problem statement of project is two combine these two piercing and notching operation. Which is now manufacturing separately i.e. two piercing by one punch and two notching operation with another punch.

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