Solar Refrigeration System, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


In present world fossil fuel reserve of the world is continuously decreasing & use of nonconventional energy resources is gaining high importance. Solar energy is considered best nonconventional energy available free. Also the time of the day when the heat energy is maximum of the solar energy the utilization solar energy in air-conditioning will be more effective. Ozone layer depletion potential (ODP) is considered a very high threat to the environment. Under these circumstances ODP of solar driven vapor absorption system is zero. This gives us tremendous environmental benefits vis a vis refrigerants. Also global warming & Carbon dioxide emission are producing very big environmental hazards. Using solar energy instead of fossil fuels in case of vapor absorption system provides with big environmental benefits in terms of the above mentioned effects Looking at the advantages of solar driven vapor absorption system(VAS) in modern day environment ,we are motivated to work towards the system because a large part of solar driven VAS remains unexplored which has tremendous potential in the future of Refrigeration & Air-conditioning. A large number of people in developing countries still live in Rural and Remote area like India where the grid electricity is yet unavailable or not envisaged by the people. Vaccine preservation has become an important issue and the basic needs in rural areas. Solar power refrigeration is the one of promising option to resolve such burning problem.

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