Solar Based Inverter and Charger, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


This system is designed for outdoor application in un-electrified remote rural areas. This system is an ideal application for house or village street lighting. The system is provided with battery storage backup sufficient to operate the light for 7-8 hours daily. The project is about to develop and fabricate the circuit that can charge the lead acid battery during day time by using solar as the source. To control the circuit for charging, we have used the circuit charging that can implement the condition of the charging whether it’s in charging condition of in float condition. The design consists of a PV array, a 12-volts lead acid battery, a control section that uses the PIC16F72 microcontroller. The control section obtains the information from the PV array through microcontroller’s Analog and Digital (A/D) ports and hence to perform the pulse width modulation (PWM) to the converter through its D/A ports. Battery’s state of charge is also controlled by the microcontroller to protect the battery from overcharged. When charging condition, red LED will turn on until the battery reach the full charge state that is in floating condition and green LED will turn on. The PIC16F72 will determine whether it is daytime or night time by using sensing circuit. The light will automatically ON when the sensor circuit give the input to the PIC and PIC will give the output to the relay to switch on the light. When night change to the day, sensing circuit detect the ray from the sun, PIC will give the output to off the lamp and the charging circuit will continue charge the battery for the day.

Block Diagram:-

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