Solar based electric fencing for deterring cattle, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


The project exhibits an arrangement that could be used as a solution to prevent animals from ntering our fields, farmhouses, gardens etc. and destroying them. This type of fencing arrangement are more economical as compared to manpower .When any animal tries to cross the fencing it gives them a short(1/5000th part of a second) and a safe shock that teaches them to stay away from the fields. The shock is safe since the current in fencing is discontinuous as there is certain time duration between two pulses It prevents the flow of current for long and avoid prolonged shocking to the animal.

Block diagram:-



Since this fencing is based upon renewable solar energy for electricity generation in fencing around the field, it do not add any cost to our installation in terms of power source which is conventionally a power plant. Power in power plants is generated by burning of fossil fuel in turn release harmful gases like carbon dioxide and various other effluents in the environment whereas solar energy is a clean and green source of energy and thus poses no threat to the environment. Thus using the abundant and renewable solar energy that too free of cost is a great advantage.

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