SMART waste collection system iot Waste Management System Based On IoT, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Waste management is one of the primary problem that the world faces irrespective of the case of developed or developing country. The key issue in the waste management is that the garbage bin at public places gets overflowed well in advance before the commencement of the next cleaning process. It in turn leads to various hazards such as bad odor & ugliness to that place which may be the root cause for spread of various diseases. To avoid all such hazardous scenario and maintain public cleanliness and health this work is mounted on a smart garbage system. The main theme of the work is to develop a smart intelligent garbage alert system for a proper garbage management . This paper proposes a smart alert system for garbage clearance by giving an alert signal to the municipal web server for instant cleaning of dustbin with proper verification based on level of garbage filling. This process is aided by the ultrasonic sensor which is interfaced with Arduino UNO to check the level of garbage filled in the dustbin and sends the alert to the municipal web server once if garbage is filled . After cleaning the dustbin, the driver confirms the task of emptying the garbage with the aid of RFID Tag. RFID is a computing technology that is used for verification process and in addition, it also enhances the smart garbage alert system by providing automatic identification of garbage filled in the dustbin and sends the status of clean-up to the server affirming that the work is done. The whole process is upheld by an embedded module integrated with RF ID and IOT Facilitation. The real time status of how waste collection is being done could be monitored and followed up by the municipality authority with the aid of this system. In addition to this the necessary remedial / alternate measures could be adapted. An Android application is developed and linked to a web server to intimate the alerts from the microcontroller to the urban office and to perform the remote monitoring of the cleaning process, done by the workers, thereby reducing the manual process of monitoring and verification. The notifications are sent to the Android application using Wi-Fi module.

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