Smart Street Lighting System using IoT, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


 The internet of things (IoT) are able to implement transparently a very large amount of heterogeneous end systems, while digital service provides open access to sub set of data. The focus of this paper is smart street light system. In this system the street light systems are automatically ON and OFF according to the situation. This smart light system automatically detects the movements of the object on the street. In the traditional system IR sensor is used to detect the object. The microcontroller is used to control the process involve the net. This paper is focused on the controlling intensity of the light considering the object movement near the light. Two different sensors named light sensor and photo electric sensor are used. Once if the sun light goes under the visible region then this system automatically switches ON light. As soon as the sun light is visible then automatically switches OFF lights. This Smart light system is used to reduce energy consumption. In this smart system the system uses some of the sensors. This smart system is used to avoid unnecessary usage of electricity. The entire smart system is designed to operate using artificial energy source. The PIR sensor and LDR sensors are used to sense the human being and light intensity of a particular area and transmits the data in wireless to the EB section. This smart system is best suited for street lighting in remote urban and rural areas where the traffic is very low

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