It takes hours to explain about conserving energy, but take seconds to actually conserve the energy. High-intensity Discharge (HID-Sodium) Lamps presently used for Tunnel light are based on principle of gas discharge, thus the intensity is can not controlled by reducing the voltage as the discharge path is broken after a particular voltage. Also the intensity control is done based on the sunlight outside the tunnel. Manual control is prone to errors and leads to energy wastages and manually dimming during mid night is impracticable. Also, dynamically tracking the light level is manually impracticable. The current trend is the introduction of automation and remote management solutions to control tunnel lighting. Remote management systems with automation technology allow control of lamps, adjustment of light levels, and lamp. LED plays a most important role in the energy conservation and environmental protection in lighting industry of 21st Century. And the ZigBee is the best wireless solution in this field due to its strong wireless network ability and lower power Light Emitting Diode (LED) based lamps will be soon replacing the HID lamps in Tunnel light. Thus intensity control is now possible by reducing the average voltage on sensing the movement and density of vehicles.

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