Smart Newspaper Vending Machine, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


The usage of newspaper is inevitable and its demand is increasing steadily particularly in the places such as educational institutions, Railway stations, etc. At the same time, time is a precious thing that one does not want to waste in any way. In small shops it is quite difficult to buy papers during rush time period and the paying of the newspaper depending on the type would cause further time delay and there is a chance for the error in the manual payment. To avoid these problems, this project titled “Smart Newspaper Vending Machine” is proposed to deliver the newspaper to the public by using the better user interface and microcontrollers based on the Mechatronics principles. It will be more cheap and economic and it will be very useful for the college and school students. Here it is designed to deliver the newspaper by scanning the respective RFID tag which was given by the agent. It will help us to save more time and manual work will be nullified.

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