Smart IoT Flood Monitoring System, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Flood is one of the natural disasters that cannot be avoided. It happens too fast and affected so many lives and properties. Before this, most of the existing system that has been developed are only focus on certain areas. Other than that, majority of the public cannot monitor and have no idea when the flood going to be happened since they do not have any information and data about the weather condition. By having Smart IoT Flood Monitoring System, this will solve all the drawbacks of the existing system. The proposed system is suitable for cities and village areas. Furthermore, if the public has an internet access, they can monitor what is happening and predict if there is any upcoming flood at the web server. The proposed system is a low cost in design and easy for maintenance. This project will update the water level at the web server and the system will issue an alert signal to the citizens for evacuation so that fast necessary actions can be taken.

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