There has been much research and various attempts to apply new IoT technology to agricultural areas. However, IoT for the agriculture should be considered differently against the same areas such as industrial logistics. This project deals with the IoT-based agricultural production system for monitoring the water conditions and developing the system by using the sensors for the production of crops by gathering its environmental information. This project designs the IoT-based monitoring system for Hydroponic Farming Ecosystem (HFE), and the methods to improve the efficiency of decision making by analyzing harvest statistics with the help of IoT devices. The HFE is made to support non-professional farmers, urban people who have limited knowledge in farming and people who are interested in doing vertical planting in very small areas in the city such as building tops, balconies of small rooms in high-rise buildings, and in small office spaces. To make the system easy to control and easy to use, we have an android application to control IoT devices in the HFE and alarm users when their farm is in an abnormal situation. The purpose of this project is to design, install and maintain hydroponics containing different varieties of crops.

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