The objective of this paper is to present the status of the current trends and implementation of Agricultural and autonomous systems and outline the potential for future applications. Different applications of autonomous vehicles in agriculture are examined and compared with typical systems, wherever 3 main teams of field operations are known to be the primary potential sensible applications: crop institution, plant care and selective harvesting. The vehicle is controlled by Android application interfaced with hardware through Bluetooth. The language input permits a user to move with the automaton that is acquainted to most of the individuals. The advantages of those robots are hands-free and quick information input operations. In the field of agricultural autonomous vehicle, a concept is been developed to investigate if multiple small autonomous machine could be more efficient than traditional large tractors and human forces. Keeping the above ideology in mind, a unit with the following feature is designed: Ploughing is one of the first steps in farming. During this method we have a tendency to until the land and create it prepared for the seed sowing. By cultivation we have a tendency to mean that a plough is used ready to} have teeth’s like structure at the tip and can be able to flip the highest layer of soil down and vice-versa. Seed sowing comes next wherever the seeds got to be place in ground at regular intervals and these has to be controlled mechanically. Limiting the flow of seeds from the seeds chamber is usually doing this. Mud radical is fitted to shut the seeds to the soil

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