Devices with PLC are widely used in industrial field. In this project we used three transformers at initial condition first transformer is in working condition. When the load on first transformer will increase above its rated capacity then the extra load will be share by next transformer to protect the previous transformer from overheat and from overload condition. This action will be continue when load on second transformer increased then third transformer is come in picture and extra load will be share by it. Due to this action ,we can prevent the transformer from damage. The design mainly consists of transformer, relay, current sensor, temperature sensor and PLC which is main part in this project. In this design data is transmitted from sensor side to PLC. The input to PLC is in voltage form. This value is compared with the reference value and if this value is above the reference value then PLC sends a signal to control unit and according to the load the transformer will be activated. Due to this overall interruption should be avoided.

Block Diagram:-

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