The intent of the paper is starting, speed control and protection of induction motor. There by limiting the starting current and increase the starting torque and so as to protect the induction motor. There are different methods for starting of the Slip Ring induction Motor. But we have opted the Rotor Resistance Control method for Starting the Induction Motor. Programming is done by using Programmable Logic Controller; control panel is designed and programmed according to requirements. The motor will start with high rotor resistance and the rotor resistance is cut off with respective time delay and the motor will run at rated speed. The contactor is used for the switching of three phase supply to the stator winding. This is how the starting, speed control and protection of induction motor is achieved and the operation is very reliable, sufficiently high efficient. Induction motors are widely used in many operating areas and industrial applications as they are simple, robust, reliable and have low production costs. The reliability of an induction motor is of great Import ancein applications such as commercial, aerospace and military and many industrial applications. In this paper different problems of IM are dealt with as over current, overvoltage, over temperature, over speed, inrush current, vibration monitoring during it’s time of operation. There are various proposed methods for fault diagnosis and protection of IM. Some of them are Stator fault monitoring techniques, protection system using On-line fault detection, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)based protection system.

Block Diagram:-

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