Pedal Operated Hack Saw And Bottle Shredding Machine, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Pedal powered hacksaw and bottle shredding machine is a machine which can be used for industrial applications and Household needs in which no specific input energy or power is needed. This project consists of a crank and slider mechanism. In the mechanism pedal is directly connected to the hacksaw through crank and slider mechanism for the processing of cutting the wooden blocks, metal bars, PVC materials. The objective of the modal is using the conventional mechanical process which plays a vital role. The main aim is to reduce the human effort for machining various materials such as wooden blocks, steel, PVC etc. The power machine, which runs on human power, works on the principle of the conversion of rotational motion to oscillatory motion. Importance of this project lies in the very fact that it is green project and helps us to reduce our electricity need. Secondly, this cutter can be used and transferred to our working place easily.

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