Modeling and Simulation Vehicle Air Brake System, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


 Air brake system has been widely used in heavy trucks and intercity buses for its great superiori-ty over other brake system. The practical per-formance of air brake system may be greatly dif-ferent from if we analyze it with static theory. Thus, it is necessary to build an integrate air brake system model to simulate the process of brake accurately. However, the dynamic ma-thematic model of air brake system is very com-plicate, which makes the model hard to be solved. In this paper, the components of air brake system are decomposed to several basic standard pneumatic components, and then build the system based on these basic standard pneu-matic components. The standard pneumatic components which are built in the software-MWorks based on Modelica language include cylinder, nozzle, air reservoir, volume, and air pipe. An air brake system which contains brake valve, relay valve, brake chambers and pipelines is made based on the standard pneumatic com-ponents. The simulation results show the dy-namic characteristics of air brake system.

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