Manual Road Sweeper, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


A novel method of road cleaning application for Indian roads has been thought of and developed a-Simplified Road Cleaning Machine with Modified Technology Suitable to Indian Conditions‖. This equipment can be used for cleaning the long distances and wide width reduces the human effort, so that the cleaning can be done in a single drive. This system has been used to clean roads and could clean various forms of papers, covers, food beverages, smooth dust and unwanted waste noticed on the roads. It is seen at present that a human pushing machines and cleaning is doing with human effort, and it is always to be done when roads are operated without traffic. Large machines have been made to overcome this problem, but it is very costly. In order to make less effort and very efficient system we can use the scrubbing system. But scrubbing system is also not possible because of due to large roads, with running traffic. So, I am having an idea and design. In this design, collection of objects from 250GMS to fine dust can collect from roads with high efficiency. I hope that it will emerge as a future cleaning system.

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