IOT Office Automation, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


 It is quite difficult for individual office owners to operate one or more that one Offices and keep track of each office appliances individually. At such time we need an online solution for physical office appliances control. Her we propose use of IOT technology for office appliance automation. This allows owner co control his/her office appliances through the internet using an easy to use GUI. For this system demonstration our system uses an AVR family microcontroller for the purpose. A WIFI modem is used for receiving commands over the internet. We use 3 loads and a fan to demonstrate as office loads. A WIFI modem is used to receive commands over the internet. The WIFI module receives user commands over the internet. This information is then passed on n to the microcontroller. The microcontroller now processes this data and switches the loads through relays. Also it switches the fan as per Users commands. Also it displays the status of the system on an LCD screen. Thus office automation system allows user to control his office remotely using IOT technology.

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