IoT Based Vehicle Emission Monitoring System, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


An increase in automobile vehicle leads to an increase in air pollution since automobiles are the main source of environmental pollution. The smoke emitted from the vehicle consists of gases like nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide(CO), and hydrocarbon (HC). approximately one-half of the nitrogen oxide gases, carbon monoxide and one-fourth of hydrocarbon gases in our environment are emitted from automobile vehicles, which leads to global warming. Due to poor vehicle maintenance and ignition defect. the gases emitted from the exhaust may increase. In order to reduce environmental pollution and to increase vehicles life, we can use this system. when the rate of gases emitted from the vehicle exceeds the threshold limit set by the government, our system will alert to the user through LCD. Using IOT, the emission level is also displayed and stored in the database of a vehicle owner. When the vehicle owner ignores it, the report will send to the transport office with entire details. The entire system is controlled by Node MCU microcontroller.

Block diagram:-

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