IOT Based Feeder Protection From Overload and Earth Fault, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


 The revolution has been brought within the modern world by Internet of Things based technology after its discovery in the field of computer and internet. Thus we can practice the concept of IOT technology in the power system. Today the world is moving fast towards the more operative and well-organized smart grid technology by switching the existing timeworn technology with the new smart grid technology. Hence we can make use of both the technologies in order to make the existing power system more operational and well organised. IOT and smart grid leads to a perfect combination of two expertise which will result in enhancement of the present power structure of India. In adding to that there will be many benefits of using this expertise. Many existing problems that are present in the conventional power grid structure can be solved. The motive of the paper is to improve the sharing out of power in India where problems like load shedding a common situation.

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