IoT Based Automated Greenhouse Monitoring System, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Greenhouses are climate controlled structures with walls and roof specially designed for offseason growing of plants. Most greenhouse systems use manual systems for monitoring the temperature and humidity which can cause discomfort to the worker as they are bound to visit the greenhouse every day and manually control them. Also, a lot of problems can occur as it affects the production rate because the temperature and humidity must be constantly monitored to ensure the good yield of the plants. Internet of Things is one of the latest advances in Information and Communication Technologies, providing global connectivity and management of sensors, devices, users with information. So the combination of IoT and embedded technology has helped in bringing solutions to many of the existing practical problems over the years. The sensors used here are YL69 moisture sensor and DHT11 (Temperature & Humidity sensor). From the data’s received, Raspberry PI3 automatically controls Moisture, Temperature, Humidity efficiently inside the greenhouse by actuating an irrigating pipe, cooling fan, and sliding windows respectively according to the required conditions of the crops to achieve maximum growth and yield. The recorded temperature and humidity are stored in a cloud database (ThingSpeak), and the results are displayed in a webpage, from where the user can view them directly.

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