Human Power Utilization for Direct and Electricity Generation, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


In the present paper human powered products for energy crisis are discussed. Exhaustive reviews on eco-design are presented; with specific focus on the use of human power as a renewable energy source. Opportunities for human-powered energy Systems are must option to reduce life cycle costs and energy self-sufficiency. There is vast scope in identifying where the concept of human power utilization is adopted by consumers. Eco-design proves helpful in providing a platform for radical innovations driving the introduction of Human powered technology. In the present scenario of energy shortage energy conversion efficiency; energy storage and energy conservation issues are of special interest. Human powered energy systems are offering these possibilities of achievement of energy needs. It is observed that one of the easiest ways to convert human power into electricity is with the bicycle mechanism. Direct utilization of human power is also possible like in prime mover, water pump, propel a boat, and even grind wheat etc. The concept of system as well as surrounding is reversible or balanced in this system of energy use; it fully satisfies needs of human health and environmental concerns. Future scope lies in further research and development in this area of human-powered energy systems that is conversion of human power into versatile form of electrical power should be more used.

Block diagram :-

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