Heart Attack Detection By Heartbeat Sensing using Internet Of Things : IoT, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


 We all know heart attack can kill your life in 3 attempts but now a days it can be dangerous in first attempt also. If checking our health regularly on daily basis then we can detect so many different diseases by detecting them previously, Life is precious. Many people among us lose their life to heart attack. This is because of their diet, age, less physical activity and many other factors. Heart attack is not easy to detect, To overcome and help our society from heart diseases and attack, we are developing such a system which will help to decrease the death rate and early detection a heart attack. In this system we are implementing a heart beat monitoring and heart attack detection system using the Internet of Things. The sensor is then interfaced to a microcontroller that allows checking heart rate readings and transmitting them over Internet. The user may set the high as well as low level of heart beat limit. After setting these limits, the system starts monitoring and also alerts for lower heartbeats. For this the system uses two circuits. One is the transmitting circuit which is with the patient and the other is the receiver circuit which is being supervised by the doctor or nurse. The system makes use of heart beat sensor to find out the current heart beat level and display it on the LCD screen.

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