Grid-synchronization methods for power converters, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Grid synchronization is an important part in the control of grid-connected power electronic converters. The fundamental phase-angle at the point of common coupling should be tracked on-line in order to control energy transfers. Digital implementation allows to implement high performance algorithms, which are robust in the presence of power quality phenomena. However, different kinds of distortion cause a reduction of the effective bandwidth, and hence, affects to the transient response of the equipment. This paper reviews some of the highest performance algorithms for grid synchronization: phase locked loops (PLL), schemes based on synchronous reference frames (SRF) and digital filtering and finally, stochastic filtering based methods. The pros and cons of each one are assessed and some interesting techniques to enhance the dynamics are provided. The assessment in the presence of frequency deviations is analyzed in detail. The most significant techniques to provide a better frequency adaptation are enumerated and analyzed in the last section of this paper.

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