Feeder Protection From Over Load Situations through IoT, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


A bus bar in an electrical power distribution refers to bulky segments of copper or aluminum that carry out electricity within a switchboard, distribution panel and substation. In this task, bus bar can be protected from the over current condition. Mechanical instruments disappointments have numerous causes and one of the primary causes is over burden. The crucial of the distribution transformer is anticipated to work at assured particular current, if that current passing through that feeder is more than the rated then instantaneously the feeder may damaged because of over load, through this projected work we are departing to defend the bus bar from heavy load condition. In this work, more loads are applied to the circuit to produce high current. So that the current will be increased. At whatever point the over current happened the circuit will be tripped. Here, one relay is utilized which will control through our microcontroller to trip the circuit. Whenever over load is occurred relay will trip the whole circuit and buzzer will on control through our microcontroller to indicate over load. Whenever over load occurs micro controller automatically triggers the load to OFF and data will alert through IoT.

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