Fabrication Of Real time Stair Climbing Wheelchair, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


The commercially available wheel chairs for amputees donot have the functionality for climbing staircases. In our project, we have designed a manually operated wheelchair that can travel on both plane terrains and also in the staircases. In our project, instead of using normal wheels we have used penta wheel. The steel rod is penta shaped and each rod is equally inclined of 72° from each other. At the time of climbing, one wheel that is the idle wheel will be in contact with the ground and the another wheel will be in contact with the stair. The motion takes place only when we pull the wheel chair backwards towards the staircase. The main aim of our project is to provide stability to the person who travels in the wheel chair (i.e., a large support base and maintain the overall centre of gravity as low as possible). The main aim of our project is to afford this stair climbing facilities for middle class people. The main drawback of electric powered stair climbing wheel chair is its cost and weight. In our project, we tried to fabricate a low cost stair climbing wheel chair that can be bought by a middle class people.

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