Fabrication Of Pneumatic Braking System Using Ultrasonic Sensor, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


In this research, a new automatic braking system was designed and tested to prevent collisions between a driverâÂ.™s vehicle and obstacles (vehicles, pedestrians). The primary objective of this work is to develop a safety car braking system using ultrasonic sensor and to design a vehicle with that can manage less human attention to the driving. An appropriate mechanism was used to operate and control the brake system automatically and it different from the previous systems which operate brake pedal according to signals incoming. A suitable electric pump is used to provide fluid flow and pressure value and two solenoid valves are used to control the direction of brake fluid in the hydraulic brake system. The proposed system operated using three parts; sensing part, the second part depends on using a control unit and another part depends on a suitable actuator. It can detect the distance between obstacles and the driverâÂ.™s vehicle by the ultrasonic sensor and using a hydraulic pump and solenoids valves to operate the brake system if the driver does not push the brake pedal in the right time to stop the vehicle, this system can automatically stop the vehicle without driver input. The performance of the system was excellent and the errors between measured braking time and theoretical braking time were between one and two percent.

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