Fabrication Of Compressed Air Vehicle, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Smart mobility solutions aid the growth of smart cities by creating a better quality of life and reducing its environmental footprint. Emissions from petrol-and diesel-powered vehicles are a major contributor to the deterioration of air quality around the world. In addition to this, rising fuel prices continue to take a heavy toll on the pockets of the working class. A favourable countermeasure to this predicament is the fabrication of a vehicle that takes advantage of the earth’s most abundant resource “Air” as an energy source. The compressed air vehicle is an eco-friendly vehicle which works on air. This research work aims at designing a cheaper, more efficient and aesthetically appealing automobile while efficiently running on this renewable energy. The car model has been designed using the software solid works and tested on ANSYS workbench followed by rigorous trials to ensure its optimal performance and safety. The designed car can reach speeds ranging from 10-20 km/h while being eco-friendly and sustainable at the same time. This vehicle can be used for short distance applications such as golf carts, mall taxis etc.

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