Fabrication Of Automatic Pneumatic Ramming Machine, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


To operate this rammer an air compressor is needed. A butt which is attached to the bottom of the piston rod does the operation of ramming. The pressure developed inside the cylinder reciprocates the piston and hence the butt. This rammer is handled by an operator just by moving it over the moulding sand. The butt rams the sand at places moved and the sand is uniformly rammed. This rammer reduces the ramming time and labour. Due to this the cost is reduced considerably. So this machine finds application in foundries The compressed air goes to the flow control valve. The flow control valve is used to control the flow of air. It is adjustable one. We have to adjust the lever, so that the required pressurized air goes to the Solenoid Valve. Here solenoid valve is used as a direction control valve. This solenoid valve is controlled by the electronic control timing unit. The ramming time is varied by adjusting the timing (timer 555 IC) control of the electronic unit.

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