Fabrication Of Automatic Gear Shifting In Two Wheeler Using Switches, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Motorcycles are widely used around the world particularly in INDIA. The gear shifting system of the motorcycle is conventionally manual. This report covers development of an indigenous gear shifting /changing system for the standard motorcycle. By this system the manual mechanical gear-shifting will remain unchanged because an additional electro-mechanical system is placed on the top of the lever to shift the gear and automatically control the clutch. So the system has both the option manual as well as automatic. The system uses low cost microcontrollers to make the accurate decision for shifting the gear up and down by observing the speed, and it controls the clutch transmission where necessary. The complete hardware and software has been tested and the functioning of the automatic gear shifting system is verified. System is flexible and can be used with any motorcycle ranging from 50 to 200 cc. General Terms Automation.

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