Fabrication Of Automated Metro Train, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


The main aim of this paper is to make an automated place announcement system for Train using voice IC and the radio frequency wireless card for tracking the station data. The paper consists of microcontroller with the RF receiver and the voice recorder chip with speaker .The whole system is attached to the vehicle (BUS or Train). The encoded RFID tags are placed in the BUS stops or the railway stations. The microcontroller in the TRAIN is programmed in such a way that every station name saved in the voice chip which is having a unique code. So whenever the bus or train reaches the station, the reader in the bus or in the train receives the codes, which are transmitted from the tag and the microcontroller receives this code and checks in the look up table, saved in the chip. Whichever matches, the controller will send the command to the voice chip to play that particular voice. At the same time the train stops for about 10-15 seconds in the station and then before leaving the station, it will again start to announce “PLEASE GET INTO THE TRAIN, THE TRAIN WILL LEAVE IN 6 SEC” and the train starts to move to next station. The voice chip will play the voice and this will be heard in the speaker. This voice is repeated till the train leaves the station.

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