Fabrication Of Air Brake System Using Exhaust Gas, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


The aim of the project is to design and construction of a module used for vehicles within the hill stations. Automotive vehicle braking system is used once vehicle is moving upward direction. These sensors began within the automotive business particularly for crash detection in airbag systems. During this work, Ratchet and pawl mechanism is known to arrest the backward motion to the automotive. The ratchet is placed within the front drive shaft and also the pawl is fitted with the frame. Once the vehicle is moved within the hill road, the lever should build the pawl to the touch the ratchet. If the vehicle tends to move backward direction, the pawl would stop the ratchet to move Counter Clock-wise direction with respect to front wheel. Because the vehicle is in neutral position, the pawl engaged the ratchet and also the vehicle didn’t move in. The IR TRANSMITTER circuit is to transmit the Infra-Red rays. If any obstacle is there during a path, the Infra-Red rays mirrored. This mirrored Infra-Red rays are received by the receiver circuit is termed “IR RECEIVER”. The IR receiver circuit receives the mirrored IR rays and giving the management signal to the negative feedback circuit. The negative feedback circuit is used to activate the solenoid valve.

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