Fabrication Of 360 Degree Rotation Tipping Bullock art, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


The project is about 360-degree rotating vehicle. This vehicle moves in all directions. This makes the vehicle suitable for operation in narrow paths and sharp corners. The normal wheel vehicles face lot of problems like parking, U turn and much more which consumes more time. So, a 360-degree wheel rotating vehicle is designed to reduce and eliminate problems that occur when handling material in the industries. In this system, each of the 4 wheels has given drive with stepper motors, so it can rotate 360 degree. There are 4 Dc motors drive to move the vehicle in forward and reverse directions. 360-degree rotating wheel is controlled by RF remote. Consequently, we can utilize this 360-degree rotating vehicle for various perspectives like to transport things overwhelming bags and furthermore in vehicles, which will help in decreasing rush hour gridlock and spare time

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