Experimental Implementation on HVDC from Single Phase AC using Multiplier Circuit, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


In this contemporary world HVDC enables secure and stable asynchronous interconnection of power networks that operate on different frequencies. In addition, HVDC provides instant and precise control of the power flow .The scheme is intended & created to progress a HVDC of about 2KV commencing an input AC supply source of 230V using the capacitors and diodes that are assembled in the form of ladder network centered on voltage multiplier idea. Usually transformers are used for stepping up of voltage in which the output of the secondary of the step up transformer rises the voltage besides declines the current. On other hand by using voltage multiplier circuit which converts AC to DC for stepping up the voltage minimizing the use of transformers. These Voltage multipliers are principally used to improve high voltages somewhere low current is mandatory. The notion of developing HVDC from single Phase AC is designated in this work which can be boosted up to about 10KV. For protection drive this work is delimited by means of a multiplication element of 8 so that the output would be surrounded by 2KV.This idea of cohort of high voltage expending multiplier circuit is used in Electronic purposes such as stun gun, CRT’s, oscilloscopes and in engineering applications. The most important fact of voltage multiplier circuit is that the voltage keeps on twice at each phase. Thus the potential divider of 10:1 is used at the result such that 155.5V reading means 1.5KV.

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