Development Of Fruit Plucking Stick, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


A mango picking machine was manufactured from selected light materials to be capable to reach to the high position of mango fruits. The innovated design was depended on confirming the right cutting of the stem position to decrease latex bleeding, protecting the fruits from injures and preventing the fruits from fallen down. The picker cutting mechanism was consisted of two circular saws rotated vice versa towards inside direction and faced a counter sharp blade along the two centers of the cutting discs. The machine was tested on three cultivars of mango trees Keitt, Kent, and Tommy Atkins from low-stemmed trees cultivars and distinguished of big fruit volume. Also the fruit stem cross section was measured. The maximum dimensions of the fruits were taken to design the machine. Four types of circular saws at five cutting speeds of (2.78, 4.17, 5.56, 6.97 and8.34 m/s) were tested and studying the stem cutting efficiency (%) at each treatment. The results indicated that the optimum cutting circular saws were the 100 teeth saw discs with sharp edge when working at linear speed of 8.34 m/s that gave correct cutting stem percentage of 95% and only 5% undercut stems. Also, the results indicated that the optimum counter blade position was underneath the discs with over lapping 5 mm that gave the same cutting efficiency. The calculated power required to cut a fruit stem with a cross section of 87.5 mm 2 with two circular saws was 3.56watts, meanwhile, the results indicated the measured power was 4.8 watts, while the available power was 5.2 watts

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