Development Of Bird Detection And Deflection System In Aircraft, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Birds cause a lot of trouble in airports especially during take-off and landing of aircrafts. Incidence of the bird hitting the aircraft is called bird strike. A small bird, if gets struck inside the engine can cause serious consequences like losing the entire aircraft, passengers and its crew. It can sometimes damage the aircraft to major extent as shown in the figure below. Hence it is very important to detect any presence of birds within the range specified. If birds are detected, they have to be deflected so that they will not come into the path of the aircraft. One can use water jet as a deflector system since it is a harmless way to deflect the birds. The detection system will scan the range specified and will send a signal if any object is present within the region. Upon detection, the detector system will raise an alarm in the form of a signal. Once the signal is raised from the detector system, the location estimation system will estimate the position of the object relative to the aircraft. This is done so that the water jet can be turned on to reach the location of the object to deflect it away.

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