Design of Piercing Tool Used in Mechanical Press Machine, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Press tools are utilized to deliver a specific component in enormous amount, out of sheet metals where a specific component accomplished relies on press device development and its design. The various sorts of press instrument development lead to various tasks in particular blanking, bending, piercing, forming, drawing, cutting off, parting off, embossing, coining, notching, shaving, spearing, cutting, and so forth. Generally, metals having a thickness more noteworthy than 6mm is viewed as a plate. In piercing and notching the required shape fringe is cut in the work piece material. The press tool which is used for piercing operation is called as a piercing tool. The utilizations of press tasks are broadly utilized in numerous industries like food handling, packing, defense, textile, electrical, automobile, aircraft, and numerous separated from the manufacturing industry. In this project, we have designed a piercing tool that is working on a mechanical press machine of 40ton. The tool which is used previously required 3 strokes to produce the 9 pierced hole and now we have designed a tool that requires only one stroke for the same operation. Due to which machining time is reduced and worker’s efforts are also reduced. We are going to design a tool for “PERFECT ENGINEERS”. This tool will be with minimum cost and for profitable output. This tool will be manufactured easily at a lower cost. This will help the company with higher productivity and reduced machining time. Due to which efficiency of the company will be increased.

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