Pedal powered generator is a device that uses human energy to produce electricity for charging a battery. Here an alternator is used as the electricity generator. The alternator is coupled to a pulley which is rotated by a belt and chain- sprocket system of a bicycle structure. The input power is given to the paddle and final rotational speed is achieved in the alternator rotor. Most components of the portable pedal power generator are based upon existing inventions, both recent and historic. The real innovation behind this power generator is portability. University groups often organize events around and off campus. Therefore, mobility of equipment is of great importance. This innovation brings together the resourcefulness of pedal power generation with the transportation feasibility of a bicycle frame. The integrated unit will generate needed electricity on-site, and transport it to the site with pedal power. During transportation, the unit can also capture energy used in braking and coasting. A photovoltaic panel could further the energy production while demonstrating the portable potential. We think our pedal-powered device will inspire students and the public to think about the realities of energy production, which may spark new energy solution. In our country it can be used in the villages as useful electricity source for a small family where the family members themselves can charge the battery by paddling for a short period of time each. This will not only provide electricity when needed but also provide a useful way of physical exercise for them. And due to the low initial cost and very low maintenance cost, wide scale application of ‘Paddle Powered Generator’ can be a suitable source of renewable energy .

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