Design and Implementation of an AC to High DC Voltage Generation Circuit Using Voltage Multiplier, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


High voltage DC is indispensable for testing of dielectric strength of different electrical appliances and equipment’s. In this project, single phase AC to high voltage DC generation circuit is developed. Ladder network of capacitors and diodes on the basics of Cockcroft–Walton circuit is used for generation of high DC voltage. The measurement of High Voltage DC is not easy due to risk of deadly shock. Generally, voltage divider is used to measure the high voltage. In this project wireless data monitoring system is designed for the measure of high voltage. A simple low cost Arduino, GSM and GPRS shield has been used for wireless monitoring. The Arduino is connected to the shield using GPRS wireless network internet. Real-time data is sent to a server during operation the HVDC using the GSM and GPRS shield which is stored for monitoring purposes. Therefore, the designed wireless monitoring system is save and data can be store for future use. Temperature and short circuit current protection feature is added to the designed circuit. Therefore, if the high voltage generation circuit exceeds a temperature range or occur a short circuit then the system will disconnect the input source and save from possible damage to the system. Consequently, the designed circuit will be reliable and save. This paper presents a voltage-doubler cascade circuit with wireless monitoring system in a compact device approach. The proposed circuit is simulation by using Proteus 8, simulation software then practically implemented in laboratory. The performance of the designed circuit is analyzed.

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