Design and Fabrication of Multistage Stage Sand Separator and Filter, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


In daily life sand is used for the construction, and manufacturing for building’s constructions. For this construction we needed more sand filtered and different sizes for different construction process like Column/Beam construction, Plaster, Flooring etc. The conventional sand separation methods required more time and labor, it increase the separation time and labor cost. It is very slow process hence decrease production rate hence Conventional method are not suitable for large production. That’s why we decide to design and fabricate the Multi stage sand separator and filter for a future used. Our designed machine is used for the three different sizes of sand. We used three different sizes of filter and three different compartment to get sand separately This machine works on single slider crank mechanism The AC motor coupled with pulley and V-belt mounted on it. The motor started then belt drive through power and motion transmitted to the next stepped pulley this is attached to the separator and this separator will vibrate and sand will goes down and remaining sand will goes to the next filter This filter will vibrate with first separator steeped pulley through belt drive in this separator the sand will separate and remaining will goes to the third filter it’s also get power from second separator and sand will get separated in three compartment and remaining big Stones, Coal, Wood etc will get outside of machine.

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