With the advancement in technology, there has been an increasing use of sheet metal components and press tools serve as one of the widely used tool for operations on sheet metals. As the name itself suggests, it is used to produce sheet metal components of different sizes and shapes with a predetermined force. Press tools are used for continuous mass production of components. This leads to the requirement for the use of a tool material that possesses high strength which would be able to withstand repeated heavy loads. Improper selection of tool material and design procedure could incur heavy loss, distorted parts, production risk etc. Prior modeling and analysis of the complete press tool in CAD and CAE software would provide and effective tool to overcome these uncertainties. As far as this project is concerned; a progressive die is designed and modeled using CATIA for manufacturing a handle bracket component. Several operations can be performed in series in a progressive tool as the stock registers at different workstations during each stroke leading to the development of the final component. The corresponding operations to produce a handle bracket include blanking and punching followed by bending operations respectively. In this work, D3 steel is chosen as the punch and the die material for the progressive press tool and finally static analysis is performed using ANSYS software to check the safety of the design.

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