Design and Analysis of Blanking and Piercing die punch, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


The sheet metal working processes are widely used in almost all industries like automotive, defense, medical and mechanical industries. The major advantage for using metal working process is to improve production rate and to reduce the cost per piece. Nowadays many people are working for developing die punches with innovative ideas. This project is also based on new design for die punch. The project mainly focuses on different operations done on single setup of die punch in a single stroke, presently these operations are done on three separate setups which leading to reduce the production rate and increasing cycle time with cost as well. The theoretical calculations were done for calculating cutting force, tonnage required, Von-Mises stresses, fatigue life, buckling load and total deformation. The 3D parts are modeled in CATIA-v5 and saved in .stp file format so that it can be imported from any of the analysis software. As per the companies requirement cad drawings are drawn in AUTOCAD software. The various analyses like Von-Mises stress analysis, fatigue life, are carried out on Ansys 14.0 workbench analysis software and results are compared with theoretical results. The results are within 5% of allowable limit.

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