Conversion of Sound to Electric Energy, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


The “law of conservation of energy” states that energy cannot be created nor be destroyed. Under the consideration of this law the technological giants have discovered numerous sources to extract energy from them and use it as a source of power for conventional use. There are various so called eco-friendly sources of energy that we have discovered till the present artificial era. Some of them are implemented to great extent under the suitable circumstances to overcome the short run of the energy due to technological boom that has led the energy needs to its apex. Solar energy is one in the list that came up with the wide range of applications such as solar heaters, solar cookers and it gained success due to its easy implementation. There are various other sources of renewable energy which includes harassing energy form wind, Biomass, water etc. But the efficiency of the energy sources discussed above is the major issue over which the scientists are working since long. The efficiency of the solar cell is 20% only under the practical conditions. This is not the only problem with present sources it further extends to high cost involved in production process. Thus the researchers now are feeling the need of other kinds of sources to harass energy for our conventional uses.

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