Canteen Management System using Python Django and MySQL


We have developed Canteen Management System using Python Django and MySQL. The main modules available in this project are Canteen module which manages the functionality of Canteen, Products is normally used for managing Products, Food contains all the functionality realted to Food, Items manages the Items functionality, Employee has all the features of Employee and Sales module manages the functionality of Sales.

As we know Python Projects, are trending topics for academic python project development. So we had choosen python3 for developing Canteen Management System. In this project we developed features for Canteen, Products, Employee etc, which reduces the human efforts and increase the efficiency.

Report of Canteen Management System:

  • Canteen report : We can generate all the reports of Canteen in this
  • Products report : Generate reports related to Products
  • Food report : All Food reports will be available in this section
  • Items report : You can generate filtered reports of Items
  • You can generates the report of Items, Canteen, Employee
  • Products, Sales, Food has facility for dynamic search. So you can filter the records run time
  • PDF reporting has been integrated for exporting of the report for Canteen, Products, Food modules
  • You can create the CSV reports for Canteen, Items, Products

Modules of Canteen Management System:

  • Canteen module : It contains all the functionalities related to the Canteen
  • Products module : It manages all the operations related to Products
  • Food module : Manages the Food related functionalities
  • Items module : This module manages Items functionalities
  • Employee module : Employee modules contains all the CRUD operations related to Employee

Sales module : Sales module contains all the required functions which include adding, viewing, deleting and updating Sales lists

Canteen Management System in python Installation Steps:

  • Download Canteen Management System zip file and extract it
  • Install Django
  • Open phpmyadmin and create Canteen Management System database
  • Import database Canteen Management System.sql
  • Run the project : python runserver
  • Open Your browser run the project : “http://localhost:8080/CanteenManagement System/”

Python Project Canteen Management System software requirments specification:

  • Python3 : To run this project you need python 3
  • Django : We have developed this project over the django2
  • MySQL : You need mysql database for running this project
  • MySQL Connector : For making the connection from mysql and python, we need it